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Our office is spread out. This mean while we have no actual brick and mortar location, we do have employees that work from their home offices. We like doing this because then it means we get to spend more time with our families.

Family is very important to us. As are kids grow – we tend to miss out on them growing up, so this is why employees work from home offices (at their houses) and then as the kids move out, then we start taking care of our parents, and we also need to do this, too. It helps us give thanks back to our parents for helping us when we were younger and now we can return the favor.

The head honcho of this group lives in SW Ohio, in Butler County, in the neighborhood of Lindenwald which is a suburb of the City of Hamilton.

You can reach out to her by filling out this handy dandy form – it goes directly to her email. Please provide a phone number if you wish for a call back instead of email communication.